Picture by Chris Zielecki

Life and nature – 4 Days / 3 Nights

It’s impossible to say any amount of time is enough to get to know all the Diamond Circle. 4 days, however, are quite adequate for a mix of all the most famous highlights and some of the less know ones, for a mix of natural wonders, exciting wildlife and a hint of everyday life. Such a trip must be carefully planned so to select what to include and what to keep out. Without a doubt on your way out, after 4 amazing days in the Circle, you would feel nostalgia and Diamondsickness. The only way of curing it is coming back soon.

Day 1: Start your adventure in the Diamond Circle from Húsavík and its worldwide famous whale-watching. If you come from the West or from the Highlands make a stop at Goðafoss on the way. In town visit the Whale Museum and take some strolls to the lighthouse, to Lake Botnsvatn, to the Elephant Rock or to the top of Húsavíkurfjall. The evenings in Húsavík are always full of things to do, so join in. Overnight in Húsavík.

Highlights of the day:
– (Goðafoss)
– Whale-Watching
– Whale Museum
– Hikes in Húsavík
– Nightlife

Day 2: Make an early start and spend the day among the highlights of the Jökulsárgljúfur: Ásbyrgi and Vesturdalur offer great hiking trails of several lenght and Dettifoss is simply unmissable. On the way back to Húsavík explore a bit of Tjörnes, maybe the lighthouse of Voladalstorfa surrounded by Puffins’ nests and the beaches full of fossil shells. In town make sure to visit some more (Exploration Museum, Culture House, Gardens) before soaking in the swimming pool or in the hot pots as a local would do. Overnight in Húsavík.

Highlights of the day:
Ásbyrgi Canyon
Vesturdalur Valley
Tjörnes Peninsula
Voladalstorfa Lighthouse
– Exploration Museum
– Culture House
– Town Gardens
– Bathing

Day 3: Drive to Mývatn, via Hólasandur, in the morning and start the day with some hikes in the lava fields of Krafla and in geothermal area of Hverir. Next stops are the black pillars in Dimmuborgir, the dark Hverfell and the impressive fissures of Grjótagjá and Storagjá. At the end of the day relax as much as you want in Jarðböðin. Overnight in Mývatn area.

Hightlights of the day:
Lake Mývatn
– Grjótagjá and Storagjá
– Jarðböðin

Day 4: It’s not time to leave the Diamond behind yet. Spend at least the morning around the lake. Excellent options are Höfði, Skútustaðagígar and the western shores of Mývatn with unique bird-watching opportunities and with one of the best views of the lake from the top of Vindbelgjarfjall. If you’re heading West, Goðafoss is the last striking stop before bidding farewell to the Diamond.

Highlights of the day:
Lake Mývatn
– Höfði
– Skútustaðagígar
– Bird-watching
– Vindbelgjarfjall
– (Goðafoss)


Text by Francesco Perini
Heading picture by Chris Zielecki

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