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Bird Watching | The Diamond Circle
Picture by Ómar Runólfsson

Bird Watching

The Diamond Circle offers excellent chances for bird lovers in many of its corners, with a huge number of different species, some of which extremely rare to be found anywhere else. Check out the Birding Trail Guide of Northeast Iceland.

In the surroundings of Húsavík, lake Botsnvatn and the lakes of Kaldbakstjarnir are excellent spots, not forgetting the cliffs just North of the town where tens of aggressive Arctic Terns, among other birds, can be easily spotted. The cliffs at the bottom of Skjálfandi Bay, Ærvíkurbjarg, are also worth checking and the bay itself is no less so, with the small islands of Flatey and Lundey playing a major role.

The tip of Tjörnes peninsula, the area of Kelduhverfi, Ásbyrgi and some spots in the western side of the Diamond often offer exciting encounters. The best area of the Circle for bird-watching, though, probably is lake Mývatn. Höfði in the East, Skútustaðir in the South and all the North-West are true paradises for bird-watchers.

Of the species of birds that are possible to be watched in the Diamond Circle, a special place appertains to the worldwide famous Puffins. Lundey houses a very big colony of 200.000 Puffins from May to August and the cliffs of Voladalstorfa lighthouse are literally surrounded by the nests of these clumsy and adorable colourful birds.

A chart summarizes much better which species can be found where. Anyway, among many others, regular breeders in the Diamond Circle are several kinds of Duck, Fulmars, Gannets, Cormorants, Merlins, Gyr Falcons, Skuas, Gulls, Guillemots, Razorbills and Owls.

Join a tour for a more complete experience with qualified guides.

Heading picture by Ómar Runólfsson


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