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Jarðböðin | The Diamond Circle
Picture by anja_pfeiffer


After having explored all the amazing corners the area of Mývatn has to offer, after having hiked all the trails around the lava fields and having had a close look to the shiny waters and to the black craters, hissing fumaroles and bizarre rock formations all around, soak your aching muscles in Mývatn Nature Bath, Jarðböðin. You definitely deserved it.

The milky-blue waters are a unique blend of minerals, silicates and microorganisms and have an extraordinary soothing and healing power, both for the skin and for the spirit. The temperature of the water is constantly very pleasing and comfortable, between 36 and 39 C. Besides the main two pools, a variety of other bathing activities and more can be found at Jarðböðin, from saunas to shallow hot spots, from a spa to beauty treatments.

Picture by Pétur Bjarni Gíslason

The modern architecture building, in which to find several facilities, photogenically clashes with the roughness of the surrounding lava. Moreover there is no obstacle for your sight on the otherworldly landscape all around. Be only aware in Jarðböðin water the presence of sulphur would damage any silver and copper jewellery, so remove it if you have unless you want to try to make an ancient-viking-looking artefact. But we strongly doubt anyone would believe in its authenticity.

What better than relaxing in Jarðböðin’s heavenly waters, sipping a beer or a soda, recovering from an adventurous day with an astonishing overview of the near steaming hills while the sun disappear beyond the horizon?

How to get here:
If you’re coming from Reykjahlíð follow road n.1 for 3km until a junction with the sign “Jarðböðin Við Mývatn”, which will address you to the right. From the junction the Nature Bath are only few hundreds meters away.
If you’re coming from East (Hverir, Krafla or Dettifoss) follow road n.1 until you see the same sign mentioned above. In this case the road will be, of course, on your left, 3km before getting to Reykjahlíð.


Text by Francesco Perini
Heading picture by anja_pfeiffer
Mid text picture by Pétur Bjarni Gíslason

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